Highly Spiritual issues press statement on Mr Drew’s ‘Eat’ issues

Mr Drew have dominated headlines today, unfortunately not for good reasons…


His song ‘Eat’ featuring Stonebwoy have been pulled down by YouTube because it tuned out to be a rip off of an original POWER star, Rotimi’s “Love Riddim”, a popular single from his ‘Walk With Me’ album released in July 2019.


Kaywa’s Highly spiritual which Mr Drew is signed onto have issued an official press statement to address the subject.


According to Highly Spiritual, there’s not been any stealing of song as widely speculated but just a mere misunderstanding.




In the statement, they claim the song was just a cover of the original and they gave credit and everything to Rotimi.


Some miscommunication or misunderstanding is what lead to the video being blocked on YouTube, says the press statement.


Apparently, they’ve smoothed things over with Rotimi and now he and Drew are even ‘friends’.



Hopefully the video gets put back on YouTube because it’s such a fine tune and over 150K views isn’t child’s play.



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