Guys show massive support for ‘Date Rush Mafia’ Ignatius

Have you been rejected by a girl before? Especially a Ghanaian girl? Remember that feeling?…

Guys have had their proposals rejected far too many times so it’s little wonder Ignatius have become a “national hero” for the ‘brotherhood’ after he rejected all contestants on TV3’s ‘Date Rush’.

The 3rd of May 2020 version of Tv3’s ‘Date Rush’s saw an unprecedented decision from a guy called Ignatius who rejected all girls that he was supposed to pick one from Wed go on a date with.

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Prior to that, the rejection was done by the ladies and some guys left ’empty handed’ weeks after weeks.

While most ladies found what he did rude for obvious reasons, guys are fully behind him in support, also for obvious reasons lol

Many guys showed their support on twitter saying…

Date Rush is a Tv3 dating show where a different guy is brought in every week to try his luck and see if he can get a date from the girls on the show.

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