Guy blasts Moesha, accuses her of prostitution

Actress and socialite Moesha Budong have come under fire from one of her followers who accused her of sleeping with men for money…


You don’t like someone, what’s the logical thing to do? Maybe not follow them on their social media?


Nope, not in Ghana and other parts of the world, especially when it comes to matters concerning celebrities.


Moesha Budong who was ‘feeling herself’ uploaded a picture on social media with the caption;

“Your enemies will open doors for you they did not know they were opening .When they realize it ,they won’t have the power to close it πŸ™”


Celebrities and fans alike trooped in to praise her but one particular person was not happy.


The username “beauchic_stanza” called the actress a talentless person who sleeps with men for money.


Moesha Budong had an interview with CNN a while ago where she made a broad statement claiming women in Ghana sleep with men to survive.

Many people, especially women didn’t agree with her and that statement haunts her to today, judging from the attacks she still get online.


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