Guy accuses Sark for paying to ‘overthrow’ Guru as ‘Azonto King’

“Azonto” a music genre characterized by upbeat music and a catchy dance that went perfectly with it, unfortunately we pretty much abandonned it as the trend of the dance died down. 

Sarkodie, has been trying to revive the genre, something that we all should support, but as you probably know already, nothing Sark does or say goes way without catching the wind of negativity.

One social media user by the name of ‘Efo Yao’ has boldly accused Sarkodie for trying to claim some sort of supremacy over the genre by paying someone to edit the top songs of azonto era and put him on top.

In a facebook post he wrote;

Sarkodie went to pay someone to edit info. on Wikipedia about Azonto. The person edited Guru’s Lapaz Toyota song as the first Azonto song and replaced it with Sarkodie’s You Go kill me 45 minutes ago ( check third image) Sarkodie should be ashamed of himself. We know the first person to bring Azonto so nothing he can do to change history.

Wikipedia is very open to the public, so basically anyone who knows a thing or two about blogging can go on there and make edits.

Could there be some truth to this? Let us know your thinking below.