Government dedicates the entire 650 bed UGMC hospital to elite diplomatic politicians in fight against Covid 19(official letter)

The ministry of foreign affairs and regional integration of Ghana on Tuesday the 28th of April 2019 released an official letter to inform about the University of Ghana Medical Center(UGMC) being dedicated to the diplomatic community in Ghana.

University of Ghana Medical Center

According to the official letter this is a compliment to all diplomatic missions, international organisations and honorary consulates accredited to the Republic of Ghana.

The 650 bed hospital and emergency center is officially the treatment facility for diplomatic community in Ghana.

official letter from the ministry of foreign affairs

The coronavirus has recorded 1671 cases, 16 deaths and 188 recoveries according to the Covid 19 updates on the official Ghana Health Service website, at the publishing of this article.

With the number of Covid 19 cases rising by the minutein Ghana, is it right for such a huge hospital and emergency center be dedicated to a selected few compared to the ordinary Ghanaian?