Government accused of making profit off Covid 19 patients

Executive Director of the Africa Centre for Health Policy and Analysis, Dr Thomas Anaba have accused the Government of Ghana and the Ghana Health Service (GHS)…


During a chat with Alfred Ocansey Dr Thomas asserted that some people in the government are profiting off of patients hence why they’re kept forgetting something long even after recovery.


“I know of patients who have been isolated for more than 20 days.”

“They were there because people have given contract to keep people.”

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“Now that WHO has come with this, those contracts will seize to exist and we will save money.” – he continued


He added: “We don’t know when they can change to give us data that we will be satisfied with regarding Covid-19.”


What he was referring to was the new directives from the World Health Organization(WHO) that says asymptomatic patients can be released after 10 to 14 days, because they can’t infect others.


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