Ghana’s Covid 19 recoveries reach 674

The Ministry of Information in a press release has revealed that Ghana’s coronavirus cases has taken a new dimension.


According to released information on Thursday 14th May 2020 in Accra, the initial positive cases which was 5,408 as reported earlier has shoot up to 5530.


Yes,this is a shocking number indeed. The case keeps increasing as each day passes.


However,in the press release, a good news was also shared. According to the report we received from the press, a oral number of 674 people have recovered fully from the viral virus.


This statistically represents 10% of the positive cases confirmed. However, updates on death cases weren’t mentioned,hence,stay close to this blog for more..


Ghana’s hopes to flatten curve after initial hopes hit the rocks after a significant increase in cases two days ago.


Currently, Ahafo Region,Bono East region and Savannah region are the remaining three regions among the 16 regions in Ghana which are yet to record a case.


With the number of recovered cases,could it be that this is the beginning of our success story?