Ghanaians ‘drag’ Nana Aba’s baby daddy for wearing a skirt(photos)

Wanna be eccentric in Ghana as a guy? , well maybe not wear skirt and dresses, because not so apparently, Ghanaians don’t take kindly to such things,  something the baby daddy of Ghanaian celebrated broadcaster is finding out the hard way…

You might recall the estranged baby daddy of Gh One’s General Manager and news anchor Nana Aba Anamoah in the name of Mr Richard Brown.

Mr Brown, is through and through what one will call a seasoned fashionista but he sure takes it to another level that Ghanaians are not familiar with and/or don’t appreciate.

What do I mean by the above statement? Well… Mr Brown is found of wearing skirts/kilts and sometimes even full on dresses.

One of such pics of him went viral yesterday on twitter and Ghanaians turned out to express their diverse opinions on the subject and as the local saying goes, “it resembles your eyes”

Here are some of the opinions of the Ghanaian populace online, gathered by your number 1 trusted source

Whatever the public might think, it clearly doesn’t matter to Mr Brown, who have countless times rise above the hate parade and continue doing what he does, something that I completely respect.