Ghanaians deported reportedly part of Black Lives Matter protests

125 Ghanaians were reported deported earlier this week…


The deportees are said to have been part of the recent Black Lives Matter(BLM) protests in March to protest the death George Floyd.


George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin a police officer who among other police officers were called to a shop where George Floyd was accused of paying with a counterfeit.


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In a viral video that shocked the world, Derek Chauvin was seen kneeling down on the neck of George Floyd for almost 9 minutes until he became incapacitated and died.


The video sparked protests across major cities in the United States and some parts of the world and while some of the protests was peaceful others were the contrary.


The deportees are said to have been part of the violent protesters and shop looters, and more are expected to be followed.


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