Ghana police has become a joke – A Plus fires

Yesterday, a video went viral on social media where a person in a civil servant dress was threatening a police officer…


The video which is said to have been filmed in Asewase Kumasi saw the police officer being threatened in broad daylight in the presence of police.


Musician turned political activist A Plus have reacted to Ghana police’s statement on the video calling them a joke and a shame.


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Read the full post below…


“Ghana Police Service: “We are investigating a video on social media in which a person in apparent civil dress is seen brandishing an object, which appears to be a pistol in the face of a Police Officer, with Soldiers apparently calming tensions down. 


All the uniformed persons in the video are known officers who are presently stationed in the Ashanti region, where the incident took place. They all reported the incident to their commanders on Monday 27th July 2020 when it occurred.”


Me: in less than 3 hours you were able to

1. arrest and arraign a parliamentary candidate before court for saying that your commander in Winnneba is the reason why there is no peace in the community. 


2. DR Yankson was able to arraign me before court because a politician insulted me and I replied him but you are here investigating someone who drew a gun at an officer and you claiming that “it was an object suspected to be a gun” 


When you arrested and arraign Wisa before court for showing his manhood on stage, did you state that it was something suspected to be his manhood? 


We know nothing will come out of this so called investigation. Who does not know that you will come and real us it was a stick? It is a shame!!! You are the cause of the mistrust and your own downfall. You are not brave men. You have become a laughing stock. You only use your power to arrest the weak in society while those who are supposed to know better misbehave and walk free. 


It’s a shame!!!”


Ghana Police Service: "We are investigating a video on social media in which a person in apparent civil dress is seen…

Posted by A Plus on Wednesday, July 29, 2020


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