GFA replies Kwesi Appiah over unpaid salaries allegations.

Head of communications for the Ghana Football Association(GFA), Henry Twum have responded allegations of unpaid salaries from the former coach Kwesi appiah …


Twum denies the Ghanaian football body owing the former Ghana Black Stars coach, instead he says it’s the responsibility of the ministry of Sports.


According to Twum, Kwesi Appiah’s grievances have already been sent to the ministry and they’re just waiting for them to pay Kwesi.


“The GFA does not pay the coach – it’s the state that pays the coach,” Twum told the BBC.


“The GFA is the employer of the head coach of the national team but his salary is paid by the state. He [Appiah] wrote to the GFA [demanding his outstanding salaries and bonuses] and we forwarded his letter to the [sports] ministry.

“It is the ministry that must pay him, not the GFA.

“Kwasi Appiah has been in and out of the Black Stars for so many years and he knows that it is not the FA that pays him.

“It’s very strange to read what is going round because it’s not the FA that pays the head coach of Black Stars, it is the Government of Ghana. That has been the constitution. The Government owes him.”


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Kwesi Appiah is said to be owed a $175,000 5 months pay and $10,000 winning bonus with Sao Tome.


He was relieved of his duties in December 2019 after failure of reaching the quarter finals in the African Cup of Nations(AFCON) for the first time since 2006.


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