Funny Face’s 2nd marriage in troubl, here’s why.

Funny Face’s first marriage became a social media scandal after his wife made the revelation of him having some sexual related issues.

According to the wife back then he had some sexual endurance issues,  to use her own words, “he lasted only 2 minutes in bed”.

Fast forward he got married again and soon had twins which he proudly showed off on social media but there’s trouble in paradise.

Funny Face have been in an online battle with his colleague comedians and it just took and unexpected turn involving his second wife.

As it turns out, the 2nd wife have also left him, just like the first wife did and it’s all because of Kojo Nkansah Liwin who’ve been turning her against him.

Not only did she leave but she also took a long their infant twin daughters to which he’s pleading to have them back.

The situation we gather is so bad that Funny actually calls his ex and angel compared to the current wife.

Apparently, she even threatens him with a gun when they have minor arguments and use the children against him since she knows he loves them dearly.

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