Funny Face reveals why he’s obsessed with big ‘backside'(video)

Comedian Funny Face have disclosed why he can’t do away with big “tundras”…


If you will recall during the “comedian beef” among Funny Face and other Ghanaian comedians like liwin, Kalybos and Bismark the joke, his wife became part of the issue.


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Funny Face first wife left him, and so did the second one, apart from them both leaving him, they have something else in common which is a big behind.


Funny himself admitted it in one of his videos and said he’s still unperturbed because he’ll be going for another woman with a big package the next time he goes to the “market”.


People related his obsessions and rants to a mental breakdown and some to spirituality and he’s finally responded.


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According to the comedian, it’s not spiritual like people think but he’s just a fool in a video which he captioned;


“I have heard people say my love for women’s buttocks may be spiritual because it has caused me a lot of trouble. But there is nothing spiritual about it, I am just a fool.”



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