Funny Face finally reveals why he’s beefing with Liwin

Ghana, the land that never runs out of beef(and i don’t mean cow meat), yes it’s a new month and guess what, our celebs are still beefing…

Funny Face have claimed his fellow comedians have been backstabbing him and in an update from Funny Face, he elaborated more into why he’s been cyber attacking them more specifically Kojo Nkansah Liwin.

Apparently, Nkansah have been spreading all kinds of lies about him and his best friend Adebayor.

And how does he know this? Well once upon a time close friend/ signee of Kojo Nkansah’s “Weezy Empire” is the one behind it all.

The person in the name of Top Kay, a Kumasi based fetish priest cum musician is now in the camp of Funny Face and have been spilling all kinds of beans concerning Liwin to the former.

According to Funny, Top Kay told him Liwin accused him(Funny Face) ofΒ  stealing 350,000 dollars from the Togolese national Adebayor.

Funny Face in aΒ  rage promises to deal with Nkansah for spreading such lies about him.

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