Funke Akindele shames fake prophet who predicted doom for her

Ghana and Nigeria have a lot of history together, and thus a lot of things in common… like who speaks the better pidgin, the never ending jollof debate, and throw in there fake prophets too..


These two African countries can be said to have the most religious/spiritual charlatans who parade all over and have taken their schemes a step further to be a nuisance too on the one place we all come to chill, social media.


Such fake prophet tried his luck on budding Nollywood actress and film maker, Funke Akindele, perhaps hoping to extort her money like they’re usually known for.


Funke had made known earlier that she was about to go under the knife, and of course the “man of god” wasted no time to cash in on a vulnerable moment in her life.


In a tweet, he told Funke not to have the surgery else she won’t survive because God says so.


“@funkeakindele Good morning ma. Jesus loves u. Please don’t be offended for I have a message for u. Do not under go any surgery for the Lord said u will not make it. To obey is better than sacrifice 1sam. 15v22 and Jer. 7v23. God bless u as u obey. Thanks.” – he tweeted


Little did he know that Funke had already done the surgery successfully to which she replied β€œI don do am already.” ,Β  putting him and his fake prophecy to shame.