Founder of Miracle Films, Evangelist Samuel Nyamekye, accused of exchanging movie roles for sèx

Séx for roles in the Ghanaian movie industry is probably one of the oldest allegations in the Ghanaian entertainment space, but is it really a fact?


Well,  an actress who claims to have once worked with famed movie producer and ‘Kumawood game-changer’ Samuel Nyamekye of the famous miracles films have accused him of such.


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In the studios of Fox FM in Kumasi on their midday entertainment show on the 23rd of May 2020,  monitored by the radio station placed a call to Kumawood star actress Ellen White to confirm if publications on some blogs about her confirming that séx for movie roles is real is true,  which she denied stating it’s fake news and she doesn’t have any knowledge of the publication.


After the call was over, a female panelist on the show who was also once an actress said Ellen wasn’t being truthful.


According to the panelist who goes by the name “Chickle” Samuel Nyamekye who’s now an Evangelist exchanged movie roles for sêx


She went on to dare Samuel Kwesi Nyamekye of miracle films to swear on his life that he never used sęx for role.


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Evangelist Samuel Nyamekye of the famous Miracles Films

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“I have evidence, I can go and show you the person whom he made these demands of” – she claimed


She also called Ellen White a liar for denying she has knowledge of producers sleeping with actresses for roles


She then called a movie  producer who was a panelist on the show called “aboro” a hypocrite for acting like séx for roles doesn’t exist.


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With how confident she was with her assertions, when asked if she’s exchanged sêx for a role before she said no but she’s dated a director before.


The studio got chaotic when the producer on board aboro called Chickel cheap for haven slept with a director .


When it came for her to be bold and mention the name of the director that  she slept with for a role, she refused.


A caller called in and supported Chickel saying,  a director of Pat Thomas production wanted her to have sèx for a role but refused and because of that wasn’t given the role.