Former Ashawo reveals how she used juju to get rich men(video)

A reformed ‘night life’ lady has spilled the beans on how she used charms to get rich clients…


Bi Stella, the changed Ashawo says she was introduced to the night life early in life by her aunt.


According to Stella, she never wasted her time going up and down the streets ‘chasing small fish’ but just went to the clubs where rich men were.


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Bi Stella


“I never hawked my body in the streets. I just went to clubs and would get any man I want. My aunt is the one who taught me about charms I could use to lure men into my traps,”


Stella says she could get everything she want from men with the snap of her fingers.


Her magic was apparently so effective that she could even get a man to send her at least 26,000 cedis(KSh 500,000) whenever she wanted.


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“If I wanted a man to pay my rent I could easily just call him up and say so. I had the power to manipulate wealthy men,”


Watch her below…



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