Foreign PRO-LGBT countries should grant free visa to LGBT community in Ghana – Sonnie Badu

Renowned Ghanaian Gospel musician and Doctor, Sonnie Badu has made his stance on the current LGBTQI+ issues that’s engulfed the country…


In an Instagram post in what seem like the Gospel musician not trying to take any sides (or at least trying to make it seem so) he suggested what many Ghanaians have applauded as a great idea.


According to the Gospel musician cum doctor, PRO LGBTQI+ countries should open their boarders and airlines to the deprived community in Ghana so they can stay as permanent residents in their countries where their rights won’t be challenged.


In his “subtle” anti LGBTQI+ submission, the Western countries who deem it fit should allow them in their countries where they can afford proper medications for diseases like HIV and “men dross”



Dr Sonnie Badu is currently based in the United States of America, New York to be precise, a country that upholds the rights of the LGBTQI community, maybe he’ll take his own advice and move in hear with us.