FDA refuses to tolerate Madagascar Covid 19 “cure” and here’s why.

The Food and Drugs Authority(FDA) of Ghana have refused to pay any attention to the Malagasy touted herbal cure for the coronavirus until further study on it…


According to the FDA, the Madagascar supposed cure to Covid 19 have little to no scientific backing.


The Chief Executive Officer of Ghana’s Food and Drug Authority (FDA) Mimi Delese Darko in an interview on Citi TV‘s The Point of View programme said Ghana needs more evidence before accepting the product as COVID-19 cure.



“I know it contains the Artemisia plant which is the same thing that we have in some of the antimalarials… Yes, we’ve read about it but what we also look out for is evidence so you cannot just put a drug or a herbal product on the market without evidence and say it treats a disease. So far as we’ve seen, it was tested in about 20 people over 3 weeks and come out with the claim of cure. There is no published study and what we would say is that we will need more evidence,” she said.


African countries like Tanzania and Congo have showed support and making plans on treating their virus infected with the “Madagascar cure”


Is it so hard for the FDA to get their hands on some samples and research into it themselves, or they’re looking forward to Madagascar doing their job for them too?


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