Fan contributes momo for Teacher Kwadwo’s car in a shade to Kwadwo Sheldon

If you’re a fan of the Ghanaian content creating YouTube community, you’ve definitely come across Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon…


These two characters are arguably the best at what they do and were both minding their business doing what they do best until sudden beef came between the two.


It all began when Teacher Kwadwo won the 2020 Content Creator of the Year (Social Media) at the just-ended National Communications Award 2020 and rekindled some bitterness between the two online stars.


Teacher Kwadwo have been saving up for a car and have been soliciting funds from his fans to reach his target, something that Sheldon jumped on to tag the former an “e-beggar”(electronic beggar).


This didn’t sway Teacher Kwadwo from his endeavour as he even got a shirt with “CEO of e-begging” proudly written on it and it appears to not be swaying his fans either.


If anything it has actually helped him as more attention have been drawn to it and more fans are donating.


One such fan have contributed 5 cedis in a hilarious way while shading Kwadwo Sheldon by referencing “Kwadwo Sheldon is bleeding” in his momo transaction reference.


See screenshot of the funny momo message below;