eShun’s former manager finally reveals when he’s giving back her social media accounts

Songstress eShun’s relationship with her manager who was also her boyfriend have taken an unexpected turn…


Last week, eShun made ghastly revelations concerning her relationship with Stephen Mensah of Quophi Mens music.




She made accusations of abuse and torture but also that Quophi Mens have refused to give her back her social media accounts after their separation.


Quophi have spoken in an interview with George Quaye on Joy FM, and according to him, the only time he’ll be giving her back her social media handles is when she pays him a 120,000 cedis, which he claims he invested in her and the accounts, in making it a success.


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‘The Eshunonline her IG page is my creation and I used that to push her brand. If Eshun pays the money that I’m demanding, I will release all her social media accounts to her.’ he stated.


Speaking on the abuse accusations Quophi Mens said:


‘She has said a lot of things…I don’t want to respond…I don’t think it will be helpful. I am not happy about the things she said about me but why would I want to do the same thing?’


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eShun on the other hand in earlier intervies says he didn’t create the account but they both did and so don’t see why she should pay for something she helped in creating.