eShun spills beans on sêx with former manager and how it all crushed(video) have featured stories of sèx for roles in the movie industry of Ghana, yesterday and today, and it appears their counterparts in the music space are no different…


Female musician eShun have dropped some harrowing info about how her relationship with her manager became an amorous torturous one that ended up in her leaving him and his music production company.


According to eShun Quophi Mens Musiq owned by Stephen Mensah who also happened to be her boyfriend had no contractual argument with her.


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eShun believes she’s breached no contract since there’s was actually no contract to be breached but just a “help me, I help you” verbal deal.


She went on to dare Quophi Mens to provide hardcore evidence of their supposed contractual agreement, if indeed there was one like he claims.


In her interview with Zion Felix, she explained Quophi Mens was just helping her like any guy who has a girlfriend would and so she was free to leave anytime she wants.


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She added the “help me, I help you” record deal/relationship turned a sexual one, which became a toxic relationship because she suffered abuse and bullying in his hands until she finally broke free off his grips.



This comes after Quophi Mens Musiq owned by Stephen Mensah called eShun ungrateful for breaking a 5 years contract after only fulfilling 3 years of it.