Eno Barony finally replies Medikal, after he called her a corpse

Medikal threw shots at Eno Barony today calling her  someone who looks like a corpse and she’s finally replied…


Eno Barony’s and Sista Afia’s beef have taken a whole new angle after Eno insinuated that Medikal was the ghost writer of Afia.


Initially, Medikal said in an interview that he wasn’t going to reply Eno, but took a quick U-Turn less than a week after the interview and jabbed Eno in his tweets, saying he feels disrespected after lending Eno a hand years ago and adding that she looks like a corpse.


Eno Barony, have replied and according to her, it’s a “who the cap fits affair”, because she did not mention the name of Medikal, even though we all know there is no one else who calls himself Sowutum rapper except Medikal.


On the looking like a corpse part, she accepted saying she’s already “dead so Medikal can’t kill her”.



It’s getting more interesting, and there might be another beef track lurking about, let us know what you think in the comments after the video and don’t forget to click the red bell for updates(if you haven’t)..