Ebony’s spirit is haunting VGMA – Mr Logic

Entertainment critic Mr Logic have indicated that the 2 years VGMA haven’t been doing well, might be because of the death of Ebony…

Okay, so people say a lot of crazy things, I mean look at the whole Obinim and Kennedy Agyapong issues and the crazy things we’ve heard being saidObinim and Kennedy Agyapong issues and the crazy things we’ve heard being said but what Mr logic have said on Hitz FM’s “Day Break Hitz” takes the cake.

According to the entertainment pundit, the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards(VGMA) that was met with a brawl and ended up ending earlier than it was supposed to and the biggest award on the night being the artist of the year(AOTY), going to no one is because Ebony’s spirit is not happy.. But it gets even crazier.

The entire world at large is pretty much on a lockdown as far as social gatherings are concerned because of the Novel Coronavirus which means one of the biggest social gathering on the Ghanaian ‘entertainment calendar’ being the VGMA is by default also cancelled or postponed.

But “Logic” apparently, well don’t share in this basic logic and have attributed this year’s VGMA not happening again to Ebony’s spirit who you know.. Is haunting VGMA(eye roll), essentially saying Covid 19 is happening because the spirit of Ebony is not happy(yeah, try to wrap your head around that)

Ebony was met with an accident in February 2018 after visiting her mom in Sunyani while returning to Accra.

Since the 2019 AOTY award went to no one after the brawl, it was automatically assumed that Ebony is still reigning as the artist of the year for 2 consecutive years and by the looks of it, it might soon be 3 years.

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