Delay low-key confirms she’s a mother(photo)

Media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso have subtly confirmed her maternity…


For a couple years now, Ghanaian celebrities have been playing this game of “hide and seek” with their stance as mothers and wives.




Nadia Buari with her posting her kids but hiding their face, Tracy Boakye doing the same with her newborn and now Delay confirming she’s a  mother, a picture at a time, is getting really interesting.


Weeks ago, reported an article on Delay posting a picture of a baby without saying its hers, and she’s done it again.


This time, she posted a picture of her all smiles with one of our locally made wooden walkers that aid babies in learning how to walk in the background.


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If Delay doesn’t have a baby, what’s it doing in her house is the question on everyone’s mind.


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