Delay fires ‘fan’s who said she’s nothing without a husband.

If you’re active on social media, chances are you’ve probably been in someone’s business which is totally alright since we revolve around each other online.

Some people tho on the other hand , makes the effort to get needlessly personal, especially on subjects that shouldn’t even be their concern.

Unfortunately, this “personal stuff” usually involve female celebs and their marital status and media personality turn entrepreneur, Deloris Frimpong Manso have been a victim of it for so long.

These days she refuses to just brush it aside and hits back harder on her haters.

A follower of hers by the name Kojo Peprah decided to be the douchebag who takes it upon himself to insult her,  and Delay replied with all the dignity a person can conjure in such a moment and replied him with class.

Read her reply below..