Delay blasts breastfeeding woman on Mother’s Day.

Deloris Frimpong Manso Of Delay Show and Delay Foods have called a breastfeeding mother dirty for dropping her flip flops on a restaurant table…


In a post on her instagram Delay posted a breastfeeding mother and called what she did dirty, not for breastfeeding in public because obviously baby’s don’t know whether their mother is out or not, if they’re hungry, they must be fed, no matter the circumstances.


She called her dirty for having her “chalewote” on the tables of a public restaurant but what caught our attention more was the comments.


There’s this thing I like to call “the Ghanaian blogger’s dilemma“, just like Delays post which was actually like 7 lines, people didn’t bother to take the time to read and understand but launched into attacks on the personality.


Unfortunately this is daily life of the Ghanaian blogger, people choose not to read but just see an image and read headline or the start of a post and jump into conclusions and insult.


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You can checkout the comments and see what I mean…