Date Rush scripted(video)

The 3rd of May edition of Tv3 Date Rush have been bringing some revelations to the light…


Events that transpired on the night, being that a guy in the name of Ignatius Achampong rejected all the girls who were brought before him, and one of the girl’s who’s ‘Rush’s was last turned off went off on him.


This has raised suspicions because why would anyone go on a dating show with 10 good looking girls before him to pick one and have a date with,  only to turn around and decide to choose none of them.


As it turns out, it might be fake or in other words scripted after all like suspected earlier with a new video that has surfaced.


In the video, the contestants on the show including Ignatius are seen sitting in a lounge of Tv3 and reading from scripts while having a good time, right before they’re put on the show.



Sources, according to GhPage have disclosed to them that contestants on the show are all models from an agency who already very much know themselves.


So basically,  these people who already know themselves are aired as couples looking for love then go on date, but in actuality they’re just friends putting on a show.