Covid 19 Breakthrough: New drug found in South Africa ‘curing’ patients

Dexamethasone a steroid injection has proven effective in reducing deaths by 33%…


This steroid is cheaply available from as little as R149 an injection and even produced by the company Aspen in South Africa.


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BusinessInsider spoke to CEO Stephen Saad who was confident that there is ample supply to meet local demand:


“It all depends on where and when we get the surges. We should be fine for South Africa, (as) we make this in South Africa.” 


“The other registrations largely in Europe are manufactured there. We were able to largely meet the massive surges in anaesthetics in Europe and we were a major supplier of these products to our European patient base.” 


While the medicine have had immense change on patients in critical condition and  on ventilators and oxygen, it haven’t had that much effect on Covid 19 patients with mild conditions.


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