Counselor Lutterodt calls TV dating shows prostitution

Popular and controversial marriage counselor George Lutterodt has launched an attack on those who go on national television to look for love.


For some time now, many people have become hook to TV3’s love program titled ‘Date Rush’ which airs on Sunday evenings.


The main aim of the ‘Date Rush’ show is to make males and females come on the show and try to find love with the opposite sex.


But according to Counselor Lutterodt, he doesn’t agree with the fact that people would go on Television to look for love.


He gave an example saying imagine a lady is snubbed by ten guys on the program, the trauma that lady would go through no one knows because she will be thinking about why would all ten men say they don’t like her.




Lutterodt went on and added that it’s even risky because the contestants on the show don’t know themselves well to start a relationship.

He said: “You meet a guy on TV and they give you the things you can ask the guy, … all of a sudden on TV you ask the guy and he says I like you, what are the things you know about the person?”


The controversial counselor ended that to him, he sees the acts by the people as another form of prostitution.


“I think that it is prostitution glorified if you ask me. That we are glorifying prostitution but using other mediums to invite people to practice ‘ashawo in disguise,’ he said.