Counselor Luterodt wears his wife’s panties as mask(video)

Relationships and marriage Counselor, Luterodt have turned up the craziness once again this time wearing his wife panties as a nose mask…


With the outbreak of the coronavirus and the shortage in protective gears like nose masks, prompted the “ingenuity” in some people to use whatever that’s at their disposal.


Such things came the form of scarves, handkerchiefs, T-shirt and even female panties, and Counselor Luterodt have joined the “gang of G Strings”


While the people who started this trend was probably using brand new panties  Luterodt is using a used one of his wife and admonishes men to do the same or use that of their mother, to show appreciation to them as a gesture for the upcoming mothers day.


VIDEO: Obofour’s daughter shows how to use boxer shorts as a nose mask 




The other panelists of course disagreed with his ways, but have you ever known Counselor Luterodt to back down from winning an argument?