Coronavirus will go away without a vaccine – Donald Trump

President of the United States of America have claimed coronavirus will go away on its own without the intervention of a vaccine…


In a press conference Donald Trump told reporters it’s gonna go away for hopefully a period of time.


“This is going to go away without a vaccine, it’s gonna go away, and we’re not going to see it again, hopefully, after a period of time,….“You may have some flare-ups, and I guess I would expect that.”” Trump said at the White House.


According to Mr Trump, what he’s saying is based on what health experts like doctors say.


“I just rely on what doctors say. They say it’s going to go. That doesn’t mean this year. It doesn’t mean, frankly, it’s going to be gone before the fall or after the fall, but eventually, it’s going to go away. The question is whether we will need a vaccine. At some point it will probably go away by itself.”


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