Chief of Kafaba arrested by police over death of 90 year old accused witch

Last week, made a report on a viral video of the lynching of an elderly woman estimated to be in her 90s who was accused of being a witch


The woman in Kafaba in the Savannah Region was killed publicly because some barbaric idiots frustrated with their sorry lives decided it was her doing.


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New reports suggest the chief of Kafaba has been arrested by the police and have been transferred from salaga where he was first detained to the Savannah Region Headquarters of the police force.


A quack or in the opinion of Kafaba folks a soothsayer, whom they called on for his so called knowledge in identifying witches was the one that sealed the fate of the old lady after “confirming” she’s a witch.


The Chief is suspected to have been involved in the whole process, hence his arrest.


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