Bullet reveals how rumors about fcking Wendy Shay have caused the fall of his relationship

Rumors and lies they say when peddled one too many times become somewhat of a truth…


This above statement have been proved true in the case of Bullet who’ve lost a relationship because his partner just couldn’t stand the rumors anymore.


According to the CEO of Rufftown Records, some bloggers and journalists and their constant accusations about him and Wendy Shay having a supposed amorous relationship have made his woman leave him.


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He wrote, “These bloggers and journalists don’t know what they put some of us through when they publish stuffs like ‘BULLET HAS BEEN SLEEPING WITH HIS ARTISTS’ etc.


You people just ruined my relationship with my girlfriend right now.


I hv worked with several women both underground and mainstream.I dare any woman I hv Worked with to come out with evidence if indeed so, i dare you put it out there. Nkwasiasem this nonsense must stop. Focus on promoting my works not relationship. FI!”


See the post below;



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