Boyfriends are not responsible for your bills – Lady

One of the most common traits of relationships in this part of the world is a man pretty much becoming the ATM of a woman, almost as soon as he propose love to her…


And if the man dares to refuse to play the role of a father, it results in name callings like saying he’s broke but one woman believes it shouldn’t be so.


According to a twitter user by name Nigeria Coffee @Prettyy_Rib who decided to speak on behalf of women, it’s about time that mindset is changed.


She says boyfriends should stop giving their girlfriends money until they’ve tied the knot.


The lady says men should save their money for their future because they(women) are independent.


She concluded saying some women should stop calling men broke just because they don’t want to take on the burden of paying the ladies bills.



Will this ever be a reality? Let us know what you think…