Bobrisky in trouble as he’s being sued for 2 million niara by company that got him arrested

Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky is being threatened with a lawsuit for breaching a contract…


Bobrisky is said to have taken 2 million niara as a part payment in a cosmetic deal with pamper glow,  cosmetic company that deals in skin bleaching products.


The social media sensation according to the company took their money and is now giving them the run around, refusing to hold up to his end of the deal by promoting them.


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The issued a warning to him in a post that stated;


”Dear Bobrisky, we are putting this out here because we are tired of the stories and lies you told just to secure this deal.

From saying, your partnership with other brand s was ending in about 7 days, to eventually seeing that after almost two months, the deal still runs, to say you don’t do mobile bank transfers, to saying you would refund and till date, we have not seen our money and numerous others.

You received the sum of 2 million naira as part payment to influence our brand about two months ago.

Since you received this money, it has been difficult reaching you as against how you frequently called even in the midnight before this payment was made. And when you finally responded, it was another story.

Having found out all these, we asked for a refund and we expected to receive the payment immediately but you said you don’t do mobile transfers and you gave us a date, the date came and passed with no sign of the money.

Calls and messages sent to you were ignored. Took you many days to come up with another story. We are tired and no brand deserves this.”


Few months ago,  Bobrisky was arrested by police for failing to hold up to his end of a business that paid him millions, now we know who they are.


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