Black Is King is satanic – American Pastor reveals(+screenshot)

Conspiracies about Beyonce have been revived again after the release of Beyoncé’s Black Is King movie…


An American pastor and podcaster by the name Cedric Knight have concluded Beyonce is satanic after the release of Black Is King.


Siting his reasons why, he took an image of Beyonce from Black is king where she was claded in brown and white, like in the formation(no pun intended) or pattern of an animal skin.


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In addition she spotted a hairstyle that was made to look like horns and according to Cedric it’s a clear indication of Beyonce’s affiliation with Satan.


He wrote; ‘Black is King is #satanic! They aren’t #hiding anymore! #Witches #Jezebels #Warlocks



Beyonce and husband Jay Z have been rumored for years to be high personalities in the biggest secret society, Illuminati.


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