Bishop Agyin Asare speaks on Kennedy Agyapong’s pastor’s exposé(video)

Perez Chapel International, Founder and Leader, Bishop Agyin Asare have shared his opinion on Kennedy Agyapong’s battle against fake pastors…


For months now, Kennedy Agyapong have been hell bent on bringing down pastors who seek to use the name of God to milk their congregation dry and he’s just got the support from one of Ghana’s most renowned men of God.


According to Agyin Asare, he’s in full support of the Assin Central member of parliament’s mission to bring down fake men of God.


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In a sermon, he revealed theres a woman in the Eastern region who trains people to fake illness and get “miraculously healed” by these sham of pastors.


“They (fake pastors) have a woman in the Eastern Region who have specialized in training people to pretend that they are sick, where these so-called men of God go for them into their various places of worship acting like they are sick, and perform fake miracles on them to wow the weak-minded in the church”.