AY Poyoo and Honorable Aponkye’s ‘beef’ intesifies

Ghana’s new online sensation AY Poyoo and Honorable Aponkye fight over the term ‘GOAT’…


Honorable Aponkye sometime ago accused AY Poyoo of trying to steal he(Aponkye’s) thunder.




According to the failed MP hopeful, he’s the original Aponkye so how can AY come out of nowhere and claim the title.


He further warned AY Poyoo to drop the title else he will take him to the law court.


It appears Aponkye is having some misunderstanding, because the “goat” AY is speaking about is an acronym of ‘Greatest Of All Time’ which AY claims he is because he’s the goat of rap.


He addressed the matter in an interview with Foster Romanus on ETV saying;


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“He is Honorable Aponkye. I’m the Goat. It’s a whole different thing. You have a title attached to the Aponkye and I don’t have a title. I’m the real Goat so what is your problem”.


He rhetorically quizzed,


“How can we be fighting over an animal? An animal name that we have claimed for ourselves, how can we be fighting over that? He should take the other goat. Me too I’m taking the other goat. That’s all”.


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Isn’t Ghana just interesting? Lol