Asem mocks Edem and Sarkodie over ‘cries of hunger’ in showbiz industry.

Ghanaian musician Asem went AWOL on his fans all of a sudden in the earlier 2010s to seek a better life abroad, he’s back and he’s doing everything he can to be heard…


Earlier, reported on Edem’s plea to government to support the Ghanaian creative industry, especially in this time of the coronavirus pandemic that have seen them suffer and going hungry.


Asem have joined in the chat about the issue and one would think he would have added his voice to the plea but instead he jumped in to claim superiority about how he has been championing that cause( even though he’s been irrelevant for about a decade now).


It didn’t end there, he further went on to mock Edem saying the hunger is now gonna get even worse with laughing emoji attached.



Sarkodie threw his support behind the  genuine concerns addressed by Edem, but ‘surprise-surprise’ Asem had something to say about it too.


According to him,  “Kabutey” is swooping in to act like he started it all( even though it was him Asem, that laid claim to it, only an hour before, like shown in his tweet above.



Asem is apparently planning on releasing an EP soon and perhaps the reason behind his incessant seek for attention lately, after all, “by force beefs” is in vogue lately and seem to be working for other people.


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