Asem and Ameyaw Debrah involved in a heated ‘battle’.

Once upon a time popular Ghanaian rapper Asem gets into another altercation online, this time with renowned blogger, Ameyaw Debrah…


It appears Asem have a problem with everyone lately, we’re not sure if it’s for clout to create a buzz to be noticed for his upcoming EP or he’s just been a pain for the hell of it.


Asem threw shots at Ameyaw Debrah, talking about how Ameyaw is not a journalist( news flash, bloggers ain’t journalists) and can’t get admission into the Ghana Institute of Journalism(GIJ).


He went on to accuse Ameyaw Debrah of taking money money from struggling musicians in the name of promotion and failing to hold up to his end of the deal and also claimed Ameyaw built his blog on his(Asem’s) back.



Ameyaw Debrah replied with what I’d like to call “insulting with class”, stating he clearly didn’t build his blog on Asem’s back, or else he’d have been very broke by now, you know since Asem is tantamount to irrelevant lately.


He continued, he can’t get admission into GIJ because he sometimes even lectures there.



Is this Asem’s attempt at making a comeback into the Ghanaian entertainment space?…. Let us know what you think below.