Angry mob storms Tv3 to complain about gay related show.

Some irate youth stormed the premises of TV3 over interviewing gay and transgender people on their “Daily Show”…

“The Daily Show” is a Tv3 new program which has Berla Mundi as a host, featuring different people week after week to talk about various things.

The Saturday, 2nd of May edition was about the LGBT( lesbian, gay, transgender, transsexual) community in Ghana and issues they’re faced with.

The hate some Ghanaians still have for them hasn’t flinched at all, if anything it has gotten bigger, judging from how the angry youth stormed Tv3 premises demanding for the show to be pulled down.

Berla interviewed Angela Nana Yaa Boateng (transgender), Moses K. Nana Bentil (gay ) and Akwesi Kardashian(gay).

Probably thinking ahead, Tv3 only prerecorded the show earlier and then showed it on Saturday, and because of that a possible disaster was avoided.

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