Akuffo-Addo needs the blood of Ghanaians to win elections – Prophet reveals

Alleluia Ministries International based in South Africa’s head and founder Pastor Alph Lukau have dropped  a bombshell concerning the President Akuffo-Addo…


According to the controversial pastor who recently “resurrected a dead man” Nana Addo spilled a lot of blood to get where he is today.


Alph Lukau claims the President went across the country and beyond to all kinds of deities to ensure his victory in the 2016 elections. victorious.


The price of it all according to the man of God was the blood of Ghanaians which Nana Addo gladly spilled through accidents, murder, Vigilantism, anger, and criminal activities in the other hand.


On top of that,  he says Akuffo-Addo plans on repeating it all again for the 2020 General elections and so Ghanaians need to be prayerful to avert it all.


“Ghana must pray earnestly, their blood is in higher demand”.