Akon accused of selling Africa to China

Konvict music CEO Akon has come under fire for various reasons on social media…


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During our digging, we found people were displeased with the Senegalese musician Akon, launching him to the 2nd spot on the Ghanaian twitter trend list.


Apparently, some people are not so happy with Akon and 6ix9ine working together, saying he’s working with a known convicted sex offender.


Others joined in to pull up ‘secrets’ about alleged shady dealings the musician has been up to with some even claiming he’s fooling the continent.


If you will recall, we shared an article about Akon building a real life “wakanda in Africa”, but according to some tweeter users, Akon is in cohorts with the Chinese government who’ve been accused of ‘neocolonializing’ Africa.


Others called him a dead beat and irresponsible man who have his way with women and leave the responsibilities to them.


Akon was also accused of stealing music from fellow Africans and passing it off as his own, supposedly claiming the musicians don’t have funds to sue him.


Here’s some excerpts from the thread…