Agyin Asare worse than Obinim – Wontumi threatens to expose Bishop

Antwi Bosiako aka Chairman Wontumi have vowed to drop an exposé on Agyin Asare if he doesn’t keep mute about matters concerning the New Patriotic Party(NPP)…


Yesterday, updated it’s readers on Agyin Asare and his battle with Ghanaian politicians, the Bishop who has been on their case revealed he’s being threatened because of his sermons of late.


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Well,  Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NPP, Chairman Wontumi have boldly shown his face as one of such people on his Wontumi TV/Radio.


The Chairman have warned Bishop Agyin Asare to steer clear of his battling with politicians on the pulpit of Perez Chapel or else face his wrath.


Apparently, according to Wontumi, Agyin Asare is fake and more shady than Obinim and if the Bishop still insist on his sermons about NPP, he’ll expose him.


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