Afia Schwars twins allegedly denied access to write Wassce

James and John, the twin sons of Ghana’s self proclaimed Queen of comedy, Afia Schwar are in trouble…


According to reports online,  the twins were denied entry to write their exams because of fear of having coronavirus.


The headmaster of Kumasi High School Mr. Bernard Hall Baidoo is said to have vehemently denied them entry until tests are done to prove they don’t have the virus.


Most students returned to school weeks ago and were passed through the safety measures but same can’t be said for the kids of Afia Schwar who had been AWOL for weeks even when kids were told to return to school.


This is because Afia Schwarzenegger sometime ago said she wasn’t gonna allow her kids to return to school in this Covid era.


It appears her mind might have changed and decided to allow them because of the Wassce but the headmaster wasn’t having any of it.


Because unlike the kids who have been present for weeks prior and gone through the safety procedures, James and John only showed up yesterday to write their visual arts practicals.