About 98% of Ghanaian women are Ashawo – Tracy Boakye(video)

Tracy Boakye have spit fire on Ghanaian ladies calling them loose women…


When you’re a celebrity(not that I’d know personally) getting people to mind their business and not poke their noses in yours is an impossible task.


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Sometimes the opinions and comments about celebrity lives are nasty, but celebs like Tracy Boakye don’t mind dishing out some of the nastiness back to the populace.


So as you might already know, Tracy recently became a mother of two after having her daughter in addition to her son while still being unmarried.


The latter part of the above paragraph apparently are not to the liking of some onlookers whom some are women and Tracy have well,  given them more than her piece of mind.


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According to her most Ghanaian women are promiscuous and have intercourse with their partners even before marriage and so are not so holy either.


She went on to boldly call them out as Ashawos as shown in the video below…



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