Abedi Pele cries on TV after getting reunited with his mentor(video)

Abedi Pele is one of the most renowned legendary footballers in Ghana..


Achieving that status is not an easy one but he didn’t do it all by himself, he owes it to the person who took a chance on him and trained him to be a professional footballer.


In the studios of GTV the legendary player was reunited with the man who helped him in reaching where he is.




Abedi Pele couldn’t hold back his tears as the old man was brought into the studios of GTV.


Unfortunately, old age has rendered the mentor of Abedi Pele blind, something that we presume made the circumstances of their reunion even sadder, after Abedi lost contact with him for years now.


The man who contributed heavily to the success of Abedi Ayew aka Abedi Pele have been identified as Herbert Adika.


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