A Plus tells Eno Barony to praise Sista Afia for reviving her career.

Latest on the on-going lyrical feud between Eno Barony and Sista Afia is an Instagram post by A plus which has triggered the fans of Eno Barony.


The Ghanaian Hiplife artiste who seems to have alot of interest for politics has urged Eno Barony to thank Sista Afia for initiating the on-going beef because it has been more of a blessing for the former.


According to A Plus, female rappers in Ghana were slept on until Sista Afia lyrically thrusted on them which has led to the massive media recognition they are enjoying at the moment.


The musicain who has ambitions of becoming a president in the future did not hesitate to confess the sudden love he has developed for Eno’s craft.




Source: gossip24.com