6 things you didn’t know about Bishop Bernard Nyarko

It’s been barely 24 hours since the death of beloved Kumawood actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko and we can’t help but already reminisce about him.

Bishop was one of the low-key actors, despite having a certain level of fame, he was never really one to show off so much isn’t really known about his personal life.

We’ve managed to gather 6 things you probably didn’t know about the actor.

1. Bishop Benard Nyarko was born to Ghanaian parents but spent most part of his life living in the United States of America.
2. He made his debut in Kumawood in 2010.
3. Prior to his death, he announced that he wouldn’t feature in any movie again. In other words, he quit acting for good.
4. He believed his ailment was a punishment from God for being disobedient and “abandoning” his pastoral duties to pursue anything acting career
5. He got really sick around December 2019 and reportedly stopped his colleagues from visiting him.
6. The late star reportedly died from colon cancer.

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